Month: December 2019

An Ongoing Threat to Our National Security

Congress’ impeachment inquiry—a thorough, fair, and transparent process that gave ample opportunities for Trump to make his defense—surfaced overwhelming and uncontested evidence of Trump’s betrayal of our national security. A dozen distinguished senior national security professionals, many of them appointed by Trump himself, and an extensive public record left no doubt that President Trump used …

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Impeachment: The Founders’ Intent

The prospect of foreign interference was a pressing concern for America’s founders. That’s why, as a protection against it and other betrayals, they wrote the Impeachment Clause into the Constitution.

The Whistleblower Distraction

President Trump and his defenders have attempted to distract from the President’s
underlying betrayal of our national security by consistently steering the conversation
back to the anonymous whistleblower.

Building a Wall of Evidence

Read key quotes from the testimony of Yovanovitch, Taylor, Kent, and more here. The American people have now heard directly from two patriots who have spent their careers serving their country. Ambassador Bill Taylor and George Kent’s testimonies confirmed what the available evidence has made clear: President Trump corrupted American foreign policy for his own political …

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