An Overwhelming Case: Hill and Holmes

Read key quotes from the testimony of Hill and Holmes here.

This week’s Congressional hearings have provided irrefutable evidence of what President Trump and his defenders have attempted to cover-up and deny. Trump betrayed the American people and our national security by personally directing a corrupt scheme that placed his political interests over America’s interests. He used $400 million in taxpayer-funded military aid and the offer of a White House visit to bribe Ukraine to investigate his domestic political opponent. President Trump, despite his efforts to cover up his wrongdoing, was caught doing precisely what our Founders feared when they wrote the impeachment clause into the Constitution.

Now, two more senior government officials will come forward to add to the overwhelming case that President Trump has committed impeachable acts.



  • Director of the Center on the United States and Europe at the Brookings Institution (2009-2017)
  • Took leave from Brookings to serve in the Trump administration
  • Served as National Intelligence Officer for Russia and Eurasia on the National Intelligence Council (2006-2009)
  • Director of Strategic Planning at The Eurasia Foundation (1991-1999)
  • Author of three books on Russia
  • Holds a doctorate in history from Harvard, a master’s in Soviet Studies from Harvard, and a master’s in Russian and modern history from the University of St. Andrews


Strobe Talbott, former President of the Brookings Institution and Special Advisor to the Secretary of State for the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union: Those who have worked with Fiona for years know what the committee got today: expertise, lucidity, intellectual integrity, & nothing but the facts. She has serviced her adopted country two-fold: She went in to help policy & come out helping uphold the law. [Tweet, 10/15/2019]

Veteran U.S. Diplomat: One veteran U.S. diplomat who has known Hill for years said Hill and her team “regarded themselves as people with the responsibility to do the right thing — not to undermine the president, but try to take his better instincts and turn them into something constructive. And they succeeded to the point where I’ve told European diplomats critical of this administration’s Russia policies that they’re gonna look back on Fiona’s time at the White House as the good old days.” [Politico, 9/30/19]

Former Trump National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster: “She understands as well as anyone what drives and constrains Russian policy under Vladimir Putin,” said McMaster, Trump’s second national security adviser. And during her time in the White House, McMaster added, Hill “set conditions for better relations should Putin and those around him realize that their sustained campaign to undermine the United States and the West is backfiring and harming the Russian people.” [Politico, 9/30/19]

Suzanne Maloney, former State Department advisor and Deputy Director at the Brookings Institution: Fiona Hill has been a friend & colleague for 20yrs. What you see in her testimony is exactly who she’s always been: a person of deep knowledge, fierce integrity, incapable of untruth. The country is lucky that someone of her caliber & character served in this White House. [Tweet, 11/8/2019]

Daniel Byman, former CIA analyst and staff member with the 9/11 Commission: Very proud of my Brookings colleague, both for her public service and for her constant integrity: Former Trump Aide Fiona Hill Speaks to Impeachment Investigators on Ukraine [Tweet, 10/14/2019]

Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL): Well, first I`d like to say that all of our professional diplomats I think have acquitted themselves very well in the hearings that I`ve been in. And Ambassador Taylor was extremely clear, extremely chronological and detail-oriented. And I think he filled in a lot of meat around some of the comments that the chief of staff had said or that Ambassador Sondland had said previously. It was — it was powerful. You found him to be very credible? Sure. Yes. As was Dr. Hill and George Kent. These are just professional diplomats. They don`t — I don`t know that they have agendas. They have the — their agenda is to pursue American foreign policy as dictated by the State Department. [Meet the Press, 10/23/19]

Steve Clemons, The Hill: “Fiona Hill knows more about Putin than virtually anyone in USA…” [Tweet, 7/13/18]



  • Career Foreign Service Officer since 2002, with posts in Moscow, Kosovo, Bogota, Kabul, and New Delhi
  • From 2010-2011, Holmes served as a special assistant for South and Central Asia to Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Bill Burns
  • From 2011-2012, he was the National Security Council’s Director for Afghanistan
  • In 2014, Holmes received the William R. Rivkin Award for providing “constructive dissent” of the Obama Administration’s Afghanistan policy. The award called Holmes “a dedicated team player in shaping our policies, as well as a courageous advocate for doing so in a more coordinated and strategic way.”
  • Since 2017, Holmes has served as the Political Counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv
  • Received nine Department of State Superior Honor Awards
  • Holmes calls himself “an apolitical foreign policy professional”
  • Holds degrees from Pomona College, the University of St. Andrews, and Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs


Ambassador Bill Burns, Former Deputy Secretary of State: “David Holmes is a remarkably talented career diplomat, one of the very best of his generation […] David is scrupulously honest, always meticulous, and full of integrity.” [ABC, 11/15/19]

Dan Feldman, Former Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, on whether Holmes identifies as Democrat or Republican: I have no idea. In fact, he was awarded something during my time in the State Department where he was actually critical of an Obama administration policy and won an award for the dissent cable in which he wrote about that. [NPR, 11/15/19]

Dan Feldman, Former Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan: Like every other foreign service officer, he’s cut from the same cloth, as we’ve seen those diplomats testifying in the last few days. He’s principled and ethical, conscientious. […]  He really represented the best of the rising generation of foreign service officers. [NPR, 11/15/19]

Alyssa Ayres, Senior Fellow at CFR: I also worked with David Holmes at the State Dept and can personally attest to his integrity, ethics, and willingness to speak the truth. [Tweet, 11/13/19]

“He is a decent guy and a smart, competent foreign service officer,” said a second source who has worked on US policy in Ukraine and knows Holmes.” [CNN, 11/14/19]

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