Building a Wall of Evidence

Read key quotes from the testimony of Yovanovitch, Taylor, Kent, and more here.

The American people have now heard directly from two patriots who have spent their careers serving their country. Ambassador Bill Taylor and George Kent’s testimonies confirmed what the available evidence has made clear: President Trump corrupted American foreign policy for his own political ends, extorting Ukraine to investigate his political opponents by holding $400 million in American military aid hostage to his demands.

Now, another American patriot will add context and explain precisely how Trump went about doing that. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony is expected to lay bare how Trump and his accomplices sidelined and—in some cases—slandered dedicated career professionals in order to carry out the President’s betrayal and wrongdoing.


What You Need To Know:

  • Career foreign service officer
  • A 33-year career, serving every President since 1986, including five hardship posts
  • Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan from 2005-2008, nominated by George W. Bush
  • Ambassador to Armenia from 2008-2011, nominated by George W. Bush
  • U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine from 2016-2019, nominated by Barack Obama

Bipartisan Voices on Marie Yovanovitch:

Mark Hertling, former Commanding General of U.S. Army Europe and Seventh Army: Just finished reading Amb Yovanovich’s transcript. It’s appalling what happened to this career FSO. While serving in US Army Europe, I worked closely w 2 other US Amb to Ukraine & it’s 1 of the 3 toughest State Dept Assignments in Europe. She was wronged. [Tweet, 11/4/2019]

Journalist Nataliya Gumenyuk: Gumenyuk says Yovanovitch “was a good diplomat, but very, very reserved.” “She was extremely cautious,” Gumenyuk says. “She would never say anything beyond what the diplomat can say.” [NPR, 10/11/19]

50 former U.S. Ambassadors, Women Ambassadors Serving America: This appears to be a threat of retaliation for political reasons, which is both shocking and inappropriate. These statements demean and threaten Ambassador Yovanovitch, who already was removed prematurely from her post in May for similarly opaque reasons driven by false reporting and innuendo, despite her very strong record of speaking out clearly and firmly against corruption in Ukraine. Ambassador Yovanovitch is a highly respected Senior Foreign Service Officer who has served the United States with remarkable commitment and distinction under numerous Republican and Democratic administrations. Throughout her distinguished 33- year career, she has consistently supported the interests and national security of the United States and she has been nominated by the President and confirmed as Ambassador by the U.S. Senate on three separate occasions – to Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Ukraine” [Press release, 10/2/2019]

Thomas Pickering (Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs under Bill Clinton and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations under George H.W. Bush) and Ronald Neumann (former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan and Bahrain under George W. Bush) – Concerned by Trump language on Yovanovitch: The Administration removed Ambassador Yovanovitch from her post in Ukraine prematurely. Now, we note with great concern the statement by President Donald Trump in the recently released memorandum of conversation with Ukraine’s president, in which the President said of Ambassador Yovanovitch, ‘Well, she’s going to go through some things.’ The threatening tone of this statement is deeply troubling… Whatever views the Administration has of Ambassador Yovanovitch’s performance, we call on the Administration to make clear that retaliation for political reasons will not be tolerated. [Press Release, 9/26/2019]

American Foreign Service Association: At this time of great stress and rancor in our national political life, the American Foreign Service Association calls on all Americans to honor and respect the non-partisan, non-political work of the dedicated public servants of the U.S. Foreign Service. Our members have taken an oath to the U.S. Constitution, and do their utmost to support the foreign policy of the United States under the leadership of the elected leaders of our democracy. We urge that their service, which at times is under the most serious hardship conditions and security risks, not be politicized, and that they not be dragged into partisan political battles. Our country needs and deserves a professional, non-partisan Foreign Service. Our members pledge their lives to service to their country and its interests. Any attack on their integrity and commitment to non-partisan service does a great disservice to them, to their families and to our country. [AFSA, 9/26/2019]

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