This is a national security crisis

Trump has effectively put our foreign policy up for sale to the highest bidder.

By inviting foreign interference in our elections and abusing the power of the presidency for his own political gain, he has sent an unmistakable message to the rest of the world: America’s resources are available to those who cater to Trump’s personal interests rather than to the national interest.

Under this Trump First foreign policy, America’s relationships with allies and adversaries alike depend on their willingness to advance Trump’s narrow political aims.

Trump's actions have both corrupted our democracy and corroded American power.

American leadership has been largely derived from the international perception that principles, interests, and values animate our foreign policy. Trump has undermined that, making America less able to exert power – whether to galvanize coalitions, address collective threats, deter adversaries, or pursue any other international objective.

Trump’s abuse of power has put a target on the backs of American citizens.

By asking foreign countries to investigate his domestic opponents, he has sent a chilling message to all world leaders: American citizens are fair game for baseless investigations as long as the manufactured “dirt” benefits Trump’s political interests.

Trump has issued an open invitation to the world to undermine the foundation of American democracy: our elections.

Trump himself has repeatedly made clear – by inviting Russia, China, Ukraine, and potentially others to interfere in our democracy – that he will cast aside the integrity of our elections if doing so will help him emerge victorious.

The impeachment inquiry is imperative to protect our national security in the face of these repeated betrayals.

The facts that we know, and those that may emerge, must guide Congress from here as it signals to the world that American national security is not for sale.

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